Spring DIY Projects to Do At Home

Spring DIY Projects to Do At Home

Springtime is a perfect time to explore new projects and spend time outdoors! As we enjoy the warmer weather outside, we’ve included some DIY projects for you to work on for the whole family both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Activities 

Start a Garden

A garden is a perfect way to kick off the spring season and keep up with a great hobby! You can plant a variety of flowers, as well as fruits and vegetables that are in season this time of year. Berries, broccoli, carrots, and collard greens are all great choices. Want a garden-like atmosphere that doesn’t need all the TLC? Plant wildflowers and watch them bloom with little to no maintenance!

Build Garden Boxes

For those a little more ambitious, a garden box is a great idea. These enclosed gardens make it easy to contain your plants in a concentrated area. While you can purchase garden boxes, it might be more cost-efficient and fun to build your own! Decorating a regular wooden box with paint or stencil designs can also be a fun craft in itself! Garden boxes add to the look of your landscape while also being extremely useful in your everyday life. 

Build a Birdhouse

For those who are very into woodwork and design, making a bird feeder is a perfect activity to get your backyard ready for the spring. There are plenty of simple templates online for a DIY birdhouse, or you can buy a birdhouse kit at many hardware or craft stores for an easier alternative. You could also try making your own hummingbird feeder or syrup!

Make Bird Feed

The perfect complement to your birdhouse is some of your personal brand of bird seed. It’s very simple to make, and you can customize it however you like with the same basic ingredients of sunflower seeds, cracked corn, and nuts. Depending on the birds you want to attract, you can personalize your feed to their specific liking.

Create An Enticing Outdoor Area

There are so many ways to make your own outdoor entertainment areas so beautiful for spring nights and hosting company outside! Fire pits, chairs, string lights, and other elements to spruce up your porch, patio, or yard can serve as the perfect addition to make your friends and family feel welcomed and at home. You can also add decor such as wreaths, planters, furniture, and pillows to spruce up the area some more.

Indoor Activities

While the weather is getting warmer outside, there are still so many fun ways to get excited about the spring season from inside your home!

Flower Press Pictures

An adorable and fun DIY craft is making flower press pictures to hang up in your home or up on display. Find perfect flowers for this that are dry and just about to open, so that they can be pressed when they’re fully bloomed. Flower press pictures are great decor pieces for minimalist, boho, cottage-core, farmhouse, or dainty aesthetics. They’ll also be a great conversation piece since you made them! Be sure to preserve the flowers properly so they stay vibrant in color.


The springtime makes us think of fresh flavors and eating healthy nutritious meals, which makes cooking a perfect “do-it-yourself” activity for the month of March! From vegetable pastas, pot pies, and spring chicken recipes, there are endless ways to create light and delicious meals. Enjoy a spring dinner outside on your porch or in your backyard as the weather starts to warm up. If you’re looking for an all day activity to do in the kitchen, meal prepping can be a great way to spend time now and save time later.

Spring Potpourri

A perfect way to add a sweet aroma to your house all by yourself is to make your very own spring stovetop potpourri to fill your home with the fresh scents of the season! Most of these recipes only use a few ingredients such as tea, seasonings, and flowers, however you can customize your own potpourri to the exact kind of aroma you desire.


While you enjoy the warm weather, don’t forget to take care of the most important appliance in your home: your HVAC system! Clean your air vents and change your filters to help fight against those allergens that are abundant this time of year. An even better way to free your home of allergens and bacteria is to invest in an air purification system. These systems can eliminate harmful particulates from the air in your home, so you can breathe cleaner all the time.

Your outdoor HVAC systems are important too, so be sure to take care of those as well. Clear the outdoor system of any dirt and debris, and cut back any bushes or trees growing nearby. Another tip for the spring season is to program the thermostat according to the change in weather. This will help save you money and keep you more comfortable. For any questions, concerns, or tasks you can’t perform on your own, contact Childress Heating & Cooling.

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