6 Self-Care Tips for Surviving the Winter Blues

6 Self-Care Tips for Surviving the Winter Blues

Taking care of yourself is important in every season, but practicing self-care in the winter months is especially important to help us get through cold, dark days. Follow these self-care tips for the winter so you and your family are sure to prioritize yourselves this season!

Importance of Spending Time Outdoors

When it is cold outdoors, it can be hard to find ways to get outside and get some fresh air. However, it is important to spend time outdoors during the winter season to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D to keep your immune system strong and healthy! Take a walk with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Get into nature by taking a hike with a friend or your family. Visit the park on a sunny, winter day to play in the fresh air! Whatever you do, it is important to find an activity that brings you joy so you can spend time outdoors this winter and take care of yourself! So bundle up, and head outside this winter! 

Mood-Boosting Exercises

Exercising is another perfect way to boost your mood and practice self-care. Aerobic exercises such as running, walking, dancing, or bike riding are fantastic ways to stay happy and healthy this winter! Exercise will not only help you stay in shape and healthy, but it will also help boost your mood as aerobic exercises release dopamine, which helps you feel good and happy. So find a buddy, take a walk, and be sure to exercise this winter!


Do you have habits that you want to change? Habit-shifting is the perfect way to change your habits for the better. To begin a new habit, first choose something that you would like to do each day. Ensure that it is something fulfilling  for your life so it will be a motivating activity to participate in each day. Incorporate the habit into your daily routine as a non-negotiable task. Reward yourself for keeping up with your new habit. Whether you want to treat yourself to a fancy, homemade coffee each morning, journal before bed, or eat healthier, shifting your habits is a great way to show yourself kindness and love by accomplishing a new goal and task! 

Eating Healthy

During the winter, it can be harder to eat healthy with the temptations of warm, comfort foods. However, eating healthy in the winter can be fun and delicious! To start your self-care journey to eat healthy this winter, begin by creating a grocery list and sticking to it! Preparing meals at home with your family will not only be time for you all to spend together, but it will also bring a sense of accomplishment as you work fueling your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs. Find meals that work for your family, and keep it simple!

Making Time for Yourself 

It can be hard to make time for yourself with all the responsibilities that life brings. However, giving yourself a few moments each day to do something for yourself is crucial when practicing self-care. Whether you are looking to journal, read a book, take a bath, take a walk, or simply get to bed earlier, it is essential to take time for yourself to avoid feeling down throughout the dark, cold, winter days! 

Air Purification 

Last but not least, ensuring the air you breathe is clean, fresh, quality air is another form of self-care. As we spend more time indoors over the winter, it can be easy for airborne pollutants to accumulate. Installing an air purification system in your home can work toward reducing pollutants such as pet dander, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other household fumes to keep you and your family healthy all winter long! 

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