Preparing Your Kids for Going Back to School

Preparing Your Kids for Going Back to School

The school bell isn’t ringing yet, but before you know it school will be starting back up again. A new school year means new challenges, adventures, and things to learn for your kids. It can get overwhelming! Help everyone prepare for the new year with these tips that are sure to get them off on the right foot. 

Back to School Shopping

One of the most exciting parts of the new school year is back to school shopping! This can come in many different forms, as there’s a lot of necessities for the coming year. 


While they might not need new clothes every school year, a few new outfits can help your kids get excited about going back to school instead of completely dreading the end of summer. Some local popular clothing stores can be found at Gadsden Mall, which features American Eagle, Boho Gypsy and Belk. You can also visit Ross, LaurelE Boutique, and Small Things Market. A new pair of shoes will also help them to feel confident walking into a new school year!

School Supplies

Typically your childrens’ school will send out a list of supplies for each individual student and sometimes for the classroom as well. Before you go shopping, make a full list of everything you need, and check online for discounts and coupons since there usually are many around this time. When you go shopping with your kids, let them pick out a few items besides pencils and paper such as a new keychain, pencil pouch, or fun notebook so they can get excited about the transition from summer to school!


While you get all the things your kids physically need for the school year, make sure you also prepare them mentally and emotionally. The transition from the summer to a full school year comes with a bunch of changes, from spending a lot of time with close family and friends to new routines, homework, and higher expectations. Here are a few helpful lessons to bestow upon your children as they enter into a new year.


It’s important to emphasize kindness as the first day of school approaches, since many children are susceptible to influences from their classmates and daunting aspects of their new environment. A few things you can do to encourage empathy gradually before school is to show a good example of kindness, discuss the importance of being nice and caring to others, and support new friendships and playdates. You can even watch movies and read books that have lessons in kindness toward others. 


Another vital skill to reiterate before school starts is responsibility and accountability. Whether your child will receive homework in school this year, or are participating in sports or any club activities, these are all tasks that require a certain level of self-discipline. To ensure their success in all these areas, discuss responsibility and be serious about chores and other responsibilities for practice before the school year. 


The school year means there will be so much more going on and much busier schedules. You might have more of your kids’ friends over and more general activity going on inside your home! During this hectic period, it’s important to have your heating and cooling systems maintained so that your family and guests can stay comfortable while adapting to all these new changes. Schedule maintenance on your HVAC system or get repairs done if your system isn’t working as it should. 

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