prepare your home for severe weather

Prepare Your Home for Severe Weather

Spring is storm season in Southside, Alabama, and you should be prepared since bad weather is almost inevitable. While most of our rain showers are harmless, some storms can cause serious damage. There are a few things you can do to adequately protect your home and family in the instance of a bad storm. Here are our tips to prepare your home for severe weather!

1. Pay Attention to Weather Notifications

Checking the weather forecast regularly is a good idea when you live in Southside, Alabama as weather predictions can change in an instant. Don’t become complacent to where you don’t realize the storm is almost here until it’s too late to make any preparations. Listen to your local news on radio or TV, and sign up for notifications on your phone. If you don’t own a cell phone, a battery operated weather radio is a great option to keep in mind in case of a power outage. Also, keep an ear out for sirens if you have some in your area and have an emergency plan for your family in place. Pick a safe room in your home, such as a basement or the lowest level in a room with no windows. Make sure each member of your family knows to follow the emergency plan and go to your safe room. 

2. Outside Your Home

You should keep your yard well maintained to protect your home during a storm. Cut down dead or hanging branches, remove any rotten trees, and get a professional to remove large trees hanging over your home. Have straps available to secure down your outdoor furniture in the event of strong winds. If a storm is rolling in, you can also bring it inside if possible. Bring any outdoor decorations or lighting inside as well. 

Your outdoor HVAC system is also important to protect during severe weather. In the case of intense rain or hail, it might be necessary to cover your outdoor unit. Turn the power off to the system before securely strapping a cover over it. Leave your system off the entire time it is covered. Once the storm has passed, remove the cover as soon as possible to prevent mold or mildew from growing due to trapped moisture. 

3. Gather and Protect Valuables

Start by storing important documents in safe deposit boxes to protect them if flooding occurs. Gather momentos or anything you’d like to take with you and put these items into waterproof containers. If you have time, it’s a good idea to create an inventory of the items in your home that should be protected. 

4. Prepare 72 Hour Kits

Emergency kits are something you should always have stored away. One of the best ways to feel prepared in the event you need to leave is by preparing your own 72 hour kit. This kit will get you through three days after an emergency and provide you with the most necessary, high-priority, and critical survival gear. Typically 72 hour kits are prepared in a backpack or duffle bag, so they are easy to grab and take out the door. There are countless websites online which provide you with recommendations for what to pack in these kits. It could just come in handy!

5. Inside Your Home

You want to protect the electrical devices in your home from electrical surges. While you install a surge protector, the best preventative measure is to unplug or shut off devices. Shut off your HVAC system, unplug other electronic devices, and ensure you have flashlights with batteries on standby. Keep your doors and windows shut and seal any cracks or gaps around them. These small openings can allow water to drip into your home and cause water damage. 

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