Keeping Your Home & Pets Healthy & Happy This Summer

Keeping Your Home & Pets Healthy & Happy This Summer

With school almost out, the days lasting longer, and the beautiful warm weather, it’s truly starting to feel like summer in Southside! As much as this time of the year is fun for the whole family, it can also be stressful, especially if your kids and pets are contributing to a dirty home. Take some precautions to keep your home and pets healthy and happy this summer by reading our helpful tips and trying them yourself over the next few months.

Clean Regularly

More time playing outdoors with pets and kids in the summer will undoubtedly bring lots of dirt into your home. Doing a small amount of cleaning every day will make the job easier in the long run and help you manage your home all summer long. While kids might leave their toys around the home, pets can shed around the house as well, especially with the hotter weather. Doing a little bit of vacuuming, dusting, or even just wiping down surfaces now and again can help you tackle the entire home one step at a time, and keep it clean. 

Bathe and Brush

On the subject of shedding, you can stop it at the source with regular brushing and bathing! Brushing takes out loose hair from your pet’s undercoat so you won’t find it on your carpet later. This is also healthy for their coat too, making it shinier, softer, and cleaner. Be sure to bathe your pets regularly with safe shampoo for their coat and skin, especially if they’ve been playing outside and rolling around in the dirt! Although cats technically ‘groom’ themselves, brushing can help remove dirt and oils, while keeping their skin healthier as well. 

Air Purification

Make sure your furry friends and home are protected from pollutants and airborne contaminants with an indoor air purification system! Combustion appliances, cleaning products, and construction materials outside can get into your indoor air and emit chemicals that no one wants to breathe in. Air purification solutions can remove these chemicals from the air and also prevent the spread of airborne allergies that might be coming from your pets themselves. Most dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs have dander in their coat which can irritate family members with seasonal allergies and respiratory issues. No matter your solution of choice, the benefits of an air purification system are endless!

Stay Out of the Heat

Keep your pets out of the heat as much as you can on the hotter and sunnier days. Especially when you walk your dogs, it’s best to do it earlier in the morning before the sun has heated up the ground. Avoid black concrete and gravel so their paws don’t get burnt, and take them out later in the evening so the streets have had time to cool down. This will definitely keep your pets happy and healthy!

Check Filters

A great way to keep your air clean and your dust build up to a minimum is to clean out your air filter in your HVAC system. Since you’ll likely be using air conditioning every day in the summer, your system should at least be clean and functional. Dust and pet hair stuck in your system could impair your system’s ability to run efficiently, and allergens like this can affect your indoor air quality. If your air filter becomes too clogged, a safety switch could even turn your system off completely, leaving you uncomfortable in the summer heat. Change those air filters!

HVAC Service

You and your family should be cool and comfortable all summer long. HVAC maintenance is the perfect way to make sure your systems are running properly and efficiently without any damage, leaking, or underperformance. If you need air conditioning repairs, replacement, or maintenance, call a professional technician before you, your home, and your pets are left uncomfortable. 

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