How to Choose Contractors for Your Home Project

How to Choose Contractors

Are you about to tackle some home repairs or renovations? If so, you’re likely seeking contractors for the work you want done, but how do you know who to choose? Whether it’s for painting, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or general construction, you should go through the same process of researching contractors to work on your home. Follow these steps on how to choose contractors!

Online Search

Services: Your online search will usually pop up with contractors that meet your criteria, however, you’ll want to ensure they do in fact do everything you need. Visit contractor’s websites to ensure they list out their services and read descriptions of what all they provide as well. 

Recommendations: You probably already do this, but it’s always important to look up contractor’s customer reviews to have a better idea of what you’re getting into when working with one vs another. It’s important to note that almost every business is going to have one or two negative reviews, but as long as the good majorly outweighs the bad, you should be OK! 

Social Media: Social media is on our list because this can also give you an idea of whether a company is reputable or not. Reputable contractors will likely share information on their social media weekly, or at least monthly to keep their customers in-the-know of what they’ve got going on. Be cautious of contractors who don’t have much info online, because they’re likely not well-established and may not have much experience. 


Licensed & Insured: The next step in the research process of how to choose contractors is making sure you choose those with good credentials. Choosing a contractor who is licensed and insured is of extreme importance. Choosing a licensed and insured contractor will protect you and your home while also ensuring the contractors are protected as well. Trust us, this can save you from some major hassle in the long run.

Warranties: You’ll also want to check out every contractor’s warranty. It’s not imperative you choose a contractor who offers a warranty, but it definitely creates less headache for you in case of future issues. 

Experience: Choosing a contractor who is experienced in their field should be a no-brainer. Contractors without extensive experience are more likely to mess up. This could mean incorrectly installing electrical work which could lead to a fire, incorrectly installing plumbing which could lead to damage of your home’s foundation, or incorrectly performing a number of other tasks which can all be extremely dangerous and costly down the road.


Make Calls: Once you’ve done your research online and narrowed down your selection, you’ll likely want to talk to these contractors on the phone. Seeing if you can get them on the phone in the first place will be a good test of whether or not they’ll be responsive during your time working with them. You should also get the feeling that they’re eager to begin working with you, that they’re professional, and that they’ll provide a pleasant customer experience. 

Compare Pricing: Pricing isn’t all that matters when choosing the right contractor. You may not always want to go with the cheapest contractor either. Some good things to consider when comparing pricing are whether or not they show you the exact breakdown of what they’re charging you for, whether or not they have up-front, no surprise pricing, and whether or not they’re trying to provide you with the lowest bid. Be weary of contractors that offer bid pricing that could change if not accepted in a short amount of time (like a few days). You’re making a big decision and you should have time to think over your options.

Ask for Portfolio: It’s never a bad idea to ask for examples of contractors’ work. Usually, contractors will have a few pictures of their work online, but if they don’t, they will surely have some on hand. A reputable contractor will have no problem sharing examples of their work with you to help you see what they’re capable of doing. 

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