Furnaces Vs Heat Pumps

Home Heating Systems FAQs: Furnaces Vs Heat Pumps

To most, HVAC systems are a confusing topic that you may not know much about. How long will my furnace last? Should I have my furnace cleaned? How do I know when my furnace needs to be repaired? First, let’s define what home heating systems are! 

Furnaces Vs Heat Pumps

A typical home heating system consists of three key components: the heat source, the air circulation system, and the thermostat. Your central heat source is likely either a furnace or a heat pump connected to ductwork that carries the warm air into and throughout your home. Lastly, your thermostat controls when your furnace will turn on and warm the house. These three components work together to form your heating system. All three must be in good working order to best serve your home.

Let’s delve into some common home heating systems FAQs.

How long will my furnace last?

The average lifespan of a furnace is between 15-20 years. With proper maintenance, it is very possible to prolong the life of your furnace even more. Additionally, the initial investment of quality products will set you up for savings in the long run. Childress Heating and Cooling uses trusted American Standard products.

What are signs that I may need my furnace repaired?

Nobody wants their furnace to break, and it always seems to happen at the more inopportune times. However, it is important to recognize when repairs may be needed. Listed below are some things to look for:

  • Little to no air coming from the vents.
  • Furnace won’t turn on.
  • Home never reaches, nor stays at the desired temperature. 
  • Strange noises or smells coming from the system.
  • Non-responsive system.
  • Cool air coming from the vents when the furnace is turned on.


Is it important to get my furnace cleaned?

Yes! If you don’t have your furnace cleaned regularly you’re potentially allowing dirt, dander, or other debris to build up and then distribute through the air in your home. We recommend a semiannual inspection and cleaning for your HVAC system. It is important to invest in this maintenance to aid in avoiding any future costly repairs.

What’s the difference between a heat pump and a furnace?

While there are a few differences between the two, the major difference is how each system generates heat for your home. Heat pumps do not burn fuel to generate heat, unlike a furnace. A heat pump tends to be more efficient due to its ability to transfer far more energy than it consumes. Additionally, heat pumps can operate as heating and cooling systems which reduces the number of systems in your home and the maintenance required.

What happens if I need a repair on a weekend or holiday?

Never fear! We offer emergency furnace repairs in the Southside and Gadsden, Alabama areas. We understand that things tend to break when you least expect it. We promise prompt, professional service and affordable prices. To schedule service, click here!

How can I save money on my heating bill?

Signing up for regular maintenance tune-ups and cleaning is one of the best things you can do to keep your system running at peak efficiency. If it’s time to replace your heating system, it is worthwhile to invest in high-efficiency equipment, as it will help reduce energy bills and last longer than traditionally-built systems. While high-efficiency systems can be more expensive up front, investing in efficient, long lasting systems to heat your household will produce many benefits.

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