Facts About Furnaces

10 Surprising Facts About Furnaces

Fun facts about furnaces… How’s that for a cool party trick? While it may not be exactly what you want to pull out of your hat to impress others, being informed about one of the biggest investments in your home will help you down the line. Let’s get into some of our favorite picks for surprising facts about furnaces. 

1. Furnaces last forever (well, it feels like it)

Did you know that furnaces can last about 18-25 years on average? That’s around two decades! This is, of course, assuming that your system is well-maintained over its lifetime and initially installed with a reputable, professional HVAC contractor. It’s wise to enroll in a maintenance program to ensure your system ages effectively and efficiently to ultimately save you money in the short and the long run. 

2. The word “furnace” comes from Greek origins

Furnace is said to originate from the Greek word “fornax”. Fornax means oven, so it certainly makes sense. But don’t worry! Just keep your thermostat below 80 degrees and you won’t be cooking inside your home.

3. The first furnaces were invented by the Romans

While modern day furnaces have come a long way, the Romans were the first to develop central heating. They would heat air with fire in a space below the floor, and then send it to floors above through passageways. This could only be done in homes made of stone, and it was rather dangerous. Blow your history buff friends away with this fact!

4. You should maintain your furnace

We’ve said it a million times, but did you know that a 6 room house collects an average of 40 pounds of dust a year? That’s a bit more than a couple of dust bunnies. Regular HVAC maintenance is no joke! Have your furnace maintained regularly by professionals to keep dust from settling in the system, causing an unsafe atmosphere upon using the heat in the winter.

5. Gas furnaces are pretty popular!

Gas furnaces are the most common heating system found in America. Why? Gas furnaces have high efficiency ratings and can be used in rather remote areas. 

6. If you’re considering storing things around your furnace, don’t. 

We understand that many furnaces are in the basement where we tend to store away items. Regardless, leave the area around your furnace clear. Furnaces, just like any other heating source, are a fire hazard and should have at least 6 feet of clearance on all sides. Be safe! 

7. Old radiators were HEAVY

Old radiators used to be made of cast iron. Cast iron can weigh more than 490 pounds per square foot. We’re just thankful that’s no longer the case!  

8. Alice H. Parker invented the modern gas furnace

In 1919, Alice H. Parker was officially granted her patent for the gas furnace. Alice was an African American inventor whose goal was to achieve an efficient central heating solution. Her invention inspired others to create the thermostat and the forced air furnace.

9. Heating is a major part of your budget

Almost 60% of your home’s energy costs go straight toward heating your home. Pretty crazy, right? Keep your costs as low as possible with a high-efficiency heating system!

10. Furnaces are made of three main parts

While they may seem like complicated systems, a furnace can be broken down into 3 major parts. These include the burner, heat exchanger, and blower. Each of these parts work seamlessly together to make your home the perfect temperature throughout the cold season!

The More You Know!

Aren’t you so glad you know all of these facts now? All jokes aside, we are here to help if you ever have any questions or concerns about your furnace. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (256) 312-1893

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